“The Lead” Honors Bluecore for Its Fundamentally Different Retail Technology Solution

New York, New York | May 28, 2019

Retail marketing company recognized for its patented technology that activates unique data and catalyzes highly-personalized customer experiences for over 400 retailers

Bluecore, the retail marketing technology company that more than 400 of the fastest-growing retailers rely on to launch highly personalized campaigns at scale, today announced that it has been named by media outlet, The Lead, as one of the “Leading 100 Technology Companies Driving Innovation in the Fashion and Retail Industry.”  

The Leading 100 Companies is a list of game-changing technologies that are likely to disrupt existing markets and industry incumbents. The list is comprised of next-generation fashion, retail and commerce technology companies and high-growth businesses that offer outsized upsides for investors. It is The Lead’s belief that this group collectively signals the future of the industry.

Through its unique collection and combination of customer behavior, customer identity and product catalog data into a single interface, Bluecore enables marketers to launch highly-personalized campaigns, at scale, in less than 60 seconds. Bluecore’s vision for goals-based marketing has led it to create autonomous workflows that, through the power of vertical-specific A.I., increases campaign performance and allows teams to focus on digital strategy. Bluecore powers campaigns across multiple channels, including email, Adwords, Facebook, direct mail and more.

“When looking at these companies, we paid special attention to their business models, market opportunity and funding. It’s a crowded field. That said, it was important for us to select companies that are on a strong path of commercialization and are approaching exit velocity, so that we can be confident that they will not only be here in a couple of years, but have the longevity to have an outsized impact on the industry,” said Awais Khan, Head of Research at The Lead.

“This recognition is a nod to  Bluecore’s commitment to empowering retailers to discover their best customers and keep them for life,” said Fayez Mohamood, CEO of Bluecore. “It’s also an honor for our clients, who have been instrumental in guiding our product roadmap. Their input helps us introduce new ways of turning data and insights into action, with the goal of generating more revenue increasing their customer lifetime values. We are looking forward to sitting down with the retail brands that are trying to solve for this at The Lead Summit in July – these are the brands that will push marketing communications and revenue expectations beyond anything we have known in the past.”

This recognition is another milestone for Bluecore, which was recently was named the 2018 Google Cloud Technology Partner of the Year for Retail.



Bluecore is a retail marketing technology company that is reimagining the way retailers communicate with shoppers. The 2019 launch of Bluecore Communicate™ introduces retailers to a fundamentally different email solution that replaces manual processes with an intelligent, AI-driven workflow and the industry’s first fully performance-based pricing model. Retailers can now manage ESP, triggers and personalized batch from a single interface, enabling them to personalize 100% of their email campaigns for the first time ever. Bluecore Communicate™doubles email revenue while reducing production time for more than 400 retailers including: Staples, Tommy Hilfiger, Perry Ellis and Teleflora. To learn more visit www.bluecore.com.

Media Contact: Kieran Powell, kieran.powell@bluecore.com