Bluecore is a Retail Marketing Platform that specializes in email.

Our retail focus lets you match your customer data with your products for intelligent, triggered campaigns that span all of your email programs and can be used across social, search and display.


Discover why Internet Retailer Top 50 brands trust Bluecore


Eliminate Complex Data Integrations

Comprehensive data integrations, minus the IT headaches


Understand your customers

Actionable, predictive based
insights at your fingertips


Automate Actions Across Channels

Generate audiences and
campaigns in seconds


Integrate with ease

Costly, complex technical integrations are routinely found to be the number one point of frustration for marketers. Bluecore’s comprehensive integration captures customer and catalog data without burdensome data feeds or IT support, making it immediately actionable for marketers.


Latent product data is about as useful as your company’s fax machine. Seamlessly integrate live product catalog data without feeds.


The more data the better. Bluecore ingests offline data to create holistic customer views and drive more valuable marketing insights.


Incorporating real-time analytics data ensures a consistent source of reporting for marketers while providing yet another critical input to power retail specific decisioning.


Create a unified customer view

Data loses its impact when it requires days of work from a team of analysts. With predictive models built explicitly for retail, marketers can extract high-value insights and personalized product recommendations in seconds.


Whether they have a discount affinity or high predicted CLV (or both!),
 best-in-class predictive algorithms enable you to understand your customers.


Data science resources are limited or nonexistent. With Bluecore, marketers can extract actionable, retail-specific customer insights without the PhD.


Easily and effectively tailor the customer experience with unique product recommendations, dynamic content and personalized offers.


Optimize channel campaigns

Take the guesswork out of campaign management by leveraging your first-party data and our predictive modeling to trigger communications optimized for each channel, reaching customers where they will be most receptive.

Audience Generation

Gone are the days of relying on analysts to run SQL queries. With Bluecore, marketers can generate meaningful audiences in a matter of seconds.

Channel Integrations

Pushing highly targeted audiences to the appropriate channel is as simple as point and click.

Audience Sync

Improve the relevance and timeliness of messaging (and your bottom line) with audiences that are automatically kept up-to-date.

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