Bluecore is a Retail Marketing Platform that specializes in email.

Our retail focus lets you match your customer data with your products for intelligent, triggered campaigns that span all of your email programs and can be used across social, search and display.


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Grow Revenue

Use retail-specific models to increase customer lifetime value by up to 120%

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Improve Relevance

Create personalized email experiences to achieve up to a 40x lift in performance

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Simplify Workflows

Build highly targeted audiences and launch new email campaigns in minutes


Grow Revenue

Launch performance-driven marketing campaigns that help grow revenue by targeting customers with relevant offers. Combine timing and channel preferences to increase customer lifetime value and average order value.

Channel Integrations

Acquire new customers through onsite email capture and lookalike audiences. Continue to reach those customers where they will be most receptive by pushing highly targeted audiences to different channels.

Audience Sync

Improve the relevance and timeliness of your messaging across marketing channels with audiences that always stay up to date.

Targeted Offers

Easily determine which products are best to highlight for each group of customers to drive sales and grow loyalty.

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Improve Relevance

Easily match customers to the products they’ll love. Combine customer, website and product data to gain an actionable understanding of each customer’s behaviors and interests.

Predictive Models

Use pre-built, retail-specific predictive models to understand purchase behaviors, broaden the reach of your targeted email messaging, re-engage buyers immediately when they become at-risk, uncover the right promotions for each customer and identify who is more likely to respond to a Facebook message or an email.

Customer Insights

Extract actionable, retail-specific insights about your customers without a PhD in data science or a spreadsheet in sight.

Dynamic Recommendations

Tailor the email experience with dynamic product recommendations based on each shopper’s unique interests.

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Simplify Workflows

Put the frustration of weeks-long email workflows behind you. Generate any audience and build email templates in minutes to quickly launch new campaigns that make an immediate impact.

Audience Generation

Generate any meaningful audience based on customer behaviors and predicted interests in seconds.

Real-Time Data

Tap into live behavioral and product data without any feeds to respond to new behaviors and inventory changes as soon as they happen and bring more intelligence to email reporting.

Visual Template Editor

Get new emails out the door quickly with a drag-and-drop Visual Template Editor that makes it simple to design, test and optimize new emails, even when you feature dynamic content.

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