Life at Bluecore

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Caring for Bluecorians

Mind, body and spirit matter! ​We ​offer excellent healthcare choices, ​a monthly fitness reimbursement​ and lots of other great perks! Take time to recharge and take care of ​what matters with ​our ​unlimited PTO and generous parental leave. In addition to competitive pay, we​ help you invest in the long run for our collective success​. Every Bluecorian is granted stock options and has the ability to earn more.

Bluecore diversity and inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion

We celebrate our differences and foster a diverse and inclusive environment of understanding, empathy, and acceptance. Bluecore strives for diversity at all levels by partnering with organizations connected to candidates of underrepresented backgrounds. We come together regularly to celebrate differences in ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, etc. through our events that include: bias training, open forum discussions, movie nights that promote awareness, and by providing educational resources.

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Hackathons challenge our engineers to tap into their massive creativity and foster collaboration with other teams. Both serious and fun impactful developments have come from our hackathons. Come and talk to us and we’ll tell you all about it.

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Trivia Nights

Get ready for one of our most popular regular events, Trivia Night! Crazy fun and mega social, this quarterly game show night brings our team together to stretch their brains, burn some steam and throw it down. The struggle is REAL.


Ladies of Bluecore

We take diversity seriously. One of our initiatives is Ladies of Bluecore, a community of women committed to tackling gender challenges at work, growing professionally and supporting each other. The group meets monthly on topics like taking charge of your career and presentation skills. They stay connected personally and professionally because together, we are better!

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