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CVS Pharmacy
Perry Ellis
Jerome’s Furniture
Pura Vida

Case Studies

Pendleton Makes Email Marketing Relevant with Bluecore

How Bluecore helps Pendleton reach niche audiences quickly and at scale, capture and stay relevant with new audiences and deliver coordinated customer-centric messaging across channels.
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Discount School Supply Rethinks Email Marketing with Bluecore

How Bluecore helps Discount School Supply easily match customers with products they need, introduce more efficient workflows, unearth actionable insights and consolidate its marketing stack.
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Pura Vida Increases Relevance & Engagement with Bluecore

How Bluecore helps Pura Vida improve email engagement, stay relevant with customers and drive revenue.
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evo Makes Email Marketing Scalable with Bluecore

How Bluecore helped evo introduce 1:1 email marketing, scale its email program and results without scaling its team and add new value for shoppers.
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Teleflora Improves Marketing Workflows and Performance with Bluecore

How Bluecore helps Teleflora work more efficiently and create a personalized experience based on shopper behavior.
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Tommy Hilfiger Optimizes Triggered Emails with Bluecore

How Bluecore helps Tommy Hilfiger launch and customize triggered emails in hours or days instead of weeks or months.
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