improve consistency in cross-channel personalization


Improve Consistency in Cross-Channel Personalization

By Rosy Kehdi

Connect email and onsite personalization for a seamless shopping experience

What’s the difference between your brand’s emails, paid social channels and eCommerce site? 

From your marketing team’s perspective, quite a lot of differences exist between these channels, and they may even fall under different teams. But from your customers’ perspective, they’re all equal opportunities to engage with your brand, discover new products and ultimately make a purchase.

Consumers view your brand as a single entity, regardless of where, when and how they engage. And if your marketing team can’t keep up, you may be leaving valuable opportunities on the table. 

The Challenge: A Fragmented Shopping Experience Across Channels

For most retailers, the eCommerce site and digital marketing channels are disconnected, as many retailers struggle to unify three key retail data points: Customer, behavior and product data. However, this creates a fragmented shopping experience that limits onsite conversions, increases browse abandonment rates and frustrates shoppers.

We’ve all been there: You get an email showcasing a pair of shoes or a shirt you really like and advertising 15% off. Excited about the great find, you click through, expecting to land on the product detail page for that item and to see the 15% off clearly displayed. Instead, you land on the site’s homepage with no clear path to find that featured item and see a promotion of 10% off instead. It’s frustrating at the least, and relationship-ending at the worst.

If your eCommerce marketing team is devoting significant time and resources to drive shoppers to your site — which is typically the overarching goal — then you need that entire experience to be seamlessly connected to reap the full value of those efforts.

The Solution: Deliver a Consistent Customer Experience and Streamline Marketing Workflows

To resolve this challenge and better engage shoppers, you need to deliver a consistent and coordinated customer experience across channels that spans discovery to purchase.

The best place to start in achieving this goal is connecting the email and onsite experiences. That’s because email continues to be the strongest source of eCommerce site traffic and because all eCommerce marketing efforts ultimately point back to the site. 

As you look at the experience across these channels, it’s important to make the coordination purposeful by driving relevant experiences for each shopper. But adding in that layer of personalization is typically what creates the disconnect between channels.

However, it is possible to create both a consistent and personalized experience that spans email and your eCommerce site. Effectively personalizing at scale across channels requires a single solution that can power audiences used onsite, in email and anywhere else. Best of all, having a single solution powering personalization for both email and site not only ensures consistency across channels, but it also streamlines workflows for your marketing team.

The Result: A Seamless Process from Discovery to Purchase That Increases Conversions and Grows Customer Loyalty

Once you have a single solution that can build predictive and behavioral audiences to use for personalization across channels, what becomes possible? Considering the following:

  • Use email capture to identify anonymous site visitors and then follow up with ultra-personalized email campaigns based on their site behavior
  • Take an audience-driven approach by sharing dynamic offers (e.g. 10% off vs free shipping) based on discount affinity that appear consistently for each shopper in email and onsite
  • Manage visitor flow by ensuring that the product recommendations shoppers see in personalized emails are consistent with the products they see when they first land on your site (e.g. by featuring consistent dynamic product recommendations for individuals in emails and when they come onsite)
  • Employ product-driven messaging, such as an option for shoppers to sign up to receive alerts when sold out products are back in stock and then emailing them accordingly when the product comes back in stock and pairing that with additional recommendations

Altogether, these coordinated and personalized cross-channel experiences can help better engage customers to start and keep them engaged longer, leading to more onsite conversions in the short-term and increased customer loyalty in the long-term.

Ready to Improve Consistency in Cross-Channel Personalization?

Introducing a single solution to power personalization at scale across channels comes with enormous benefits — from improving the shopping experience for customers in a way that increases conversions and loyalty to streamlining workflows for your marketing team.

Visit to learn more about how you can benefit from our email and website personalization solution today.

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Rosy Kehdi

Rosy is on the Product Marketing team, working on bringing Bluecore Site™ to market. Prior to joining Bluecore, Rosy worked in Account Management at various advertising agencies in NYC. She has a Master's degree in Creative and Media Enterprises from Warwick University in the UK, and a B.S. in Computer Science from the American University of Beirut.

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