Bluecore for CRM Managers

Bluecore for CRM Managers

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What if there was a platform that could map customer data automatically without any feeds, allowing you to make smarter and more confident decisions in less time and with fewer resources? Bluecore’s Decisioning Platform for Commerce does all of that and more by making powerful analysis of customer data easy.

Bluecore allows you to create smart, targeted campaigns that provide a more personalized and engaging experience for customers. With Bluecore, it’s not about sending more communications, it’s about sending better communications.

Discover how Bluecore can help you:

Launch Cross-Channel Campaigns

Build an audience based on factors like static customer attributes, dynamic customer behaviors and predictive filters and sync that audience to any marketing channel to take action.

Understand Customer Actions and Likely Behaviors

Create highly valuable audience segments based on customers’ predicted actions, preferences and lifetime value.

Easily Synthesize Data to Answer Questions

View data in multiple ways in order to better understand your customers and determine campaign performance.

Automate Data Analysis

Query through terabytes of user data, email performance data, product catalog data and purchase/transaction data for any user segment to turn what would normally take hours to do with an average CRM system into a quick and easy job that you can iterate on as many times as you need.