Bluecore Summit 2019 Awards


Spotlight on Bluecore Summit 2019 Award Winners

By Kim Surko

Peek inside the award-winning marketing programs from leading retailers

The annual Bluecore Summit brings together a community of retail marketers committed to something fundamentally different. 

Among the many innovators in this community, Bluecore always takes time to recognize leading individuals and teams that have made a significant impact over the past year by revolutionizing their marketing programs through the application of Bluecore’s technology.

Today, I’m pleased to share the winners of the Bluecore Summit 2019 Awards.

Bluecore Power User: Natalia Rivera, Anthropologie

The Bluecore Power User award recognizes a marketer who consistently leverages the full breadth of the Bluecore platform to optimize performance in their marketing programs.

Anthropologie Bluecore Summit 2019 Awards

Natalia Rivera, who runs email and personalization at Anthropologie, won this award based on her constant search for innovative ways to use data to personalize more emails sends. 

Whether it’s replacing small volume personalized batch campaigns that previously used behavioral audiences with larger volume affinity audiences, segmenting triggers by category or pulling in shoppers’ actual Zodiac signs into subject lines, Natalia always looks for new ways to test, improve and grow the Anthropologie email program with Bluecore.

Smartest Use of Retail Data Model: Foot Locker

The Smartest Use of Retail Data Model award honors a digital team who democratizes access to data and uses it across multiple teams to help drive overall business goals and create a positive customer experience.

Foot Locker Bluecore Summit 2019 Awards

The digital marketing team at Foot Locker is successfully democratizing access to data within their organization by using Bluecore data and segments across their CRM, performance marketing, mobile and even affiliate marketing teams.

As a result of this access, Foot Locker has been able to power more — and more effective — personalization across channels, including email, site, mobile, paid social and paid search.

Most Powerful Application of Bluecore Communicate™: Volcom

The Most Power Application of Bluecore Communicate™ recognizes a digital team that has fully consolidated their email program on Bluecore, on the path to over 50% of their emails personalized.

Volcom Bluecore Summit 2019 Awards

The digital marketing team at Volcom consistently embraces Bluecore best practices, recommendations and pilot opportunities in an effort to take their entire email program, including triggers and batch emails, to the next level. Some examples of their innovation include adopting Bluecore Smart Campaign™ to automate personalization within emails and implementing onsite product recommendations. Volcom has also increased their level of personalization over the past year from 31% to close to 50%.

The Volcom team always pushes Bluecore to do bigger and better and launch even more options for personalization. Critically, they consistently rise to the occasion and adjust their programs as Bluecore delivers new features.

Overall Business Impact: Cabela’s Canada

The Overall Business Impact award honors a digital team who has made a significant impact on their business based on their programs with Bluecore.

Cabela's Bluecore Summit 2019 Awards

The digital marketing team at Cabela’s Canada has found enormous success using personalized batch campaigns to capitalize on last minute revenue. For example, they’ve created last minute affinity audiences to use in personalized batch sends and price decrease campaigns to reach weekend sales goals.

Overall, the Cabela’s Canada team’s use of Bluecore Audiences has allowed them to be incredibly nimble and create multiple campaigns in no time at all that have gone on to drive considerable ROI for their business. 

Ready to Revolutionize Your Marketing Program?

If you’re ready to revolutionize your own marketing program like these award winners, be sure to check out our Bluecore Summit Annual magazine for advice on how you can best take advantage of technology and prepare your brand to succeed in the coming year and beyond.

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Kim Surko

Kim is the Vice President of Customer Success for Bluecore. Kim leads Bluecore’s Customer Success Managers, Forward Deployed Engineers and Professional Services to ensure customers’ desired outcomes are achieved. Previously, she was Director of Customer Success and Account Management at Oracle Marketing Cloud – Responsys. Prior to Oracle, Kim was Senior Director of Account Management at digital marketing agencies, providing full-service solutions for martech and adtech partnerships. Kim’s passion for solving customer’s business challenges with marketing solutions has driven her career in customer success.

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