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The Bluecore Summit Annual 2019

The contents of this magazine explore what the future of digital marketing can look like for eCommerce brands that embrace modern technology, starting with the ESP. Here's a look at what's inside.

Welcome to the Email Marketing Revolution

Consumers know it’s not 1995. Do ESPs? Take a look at why ’90s-era tech might be holding back your email marketing program — and how to find a way forward.

A New Outlook on Performance

Do you need to rethink email marketing measurement? Explore why it’s time to change how you approach email marketing performance in retail.

This Time It’s Personal

Take a deep dive inside retail’s rush to improve personalization, including what’s working well for industry leaders and what’s preventing many brands from achieving their goals.

The Segmentation Trap

Are you segmenting or personalizing? Too many brands are using segmentation as a proxy for personalization, but there’s a better way, and now is the time to get started.

“We have to evolve beyond ESP 1.0 or the ‘era of the list’ which forces retailers to operate with stale segments and heavy operational burden, all for the sake of declining performance. The future state of email marketing should empower retailers to put consumers before channels and lists, and drive more and more performance with minimal manual effort.”