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Bluecore Retail Performance Cloud™

The personalization solution of choice for the fastest growing retailers.

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Bluecore Site ™

Use predictive signals to create compelling onsite experiences.

Onsite Product Recommendations

Increase click-through rates by 87% and increase conversion rates by 4X

Harness the data captured in Bluecore to serve your site visitors unique recommendations based on their predicted affinities like “next best product” and “next best category” to help improve product discovery and increase average order size.

Examples of onsite product recommendations include:

Product Discovery: Encourage site visitors to view more products and increase their likelihood to convert by showing additional products based on past and predicted interests

Cross-sell: Increase average order values and drive additional purchases by showing site visitors relevant products from adjacent categories

Upsell: Increase average order values by showing site visitors similar products at a higher price

Bluecore SIte - Onsite Product Recommendations

Capabilities to power onsite product recommendations include:

  • Custom designs
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Multiple attribution windows
  • Content optimization, including 
multiple algorithms within one widget
  • Template-based A/B testing
  • Hold-out groups
  • Visual Template Editor
Facilitate product discovery and increase click-through rates by 87% by showing more relevant product recommendations and creating a seamless experience between your emails and onsite recommendations, all powered by one Bluecore integration.

Product Recommendations Based on Visitor Affinities

Personalize product recommendations and messaging based on each site visitor’s predicted affinities using Bluecore’s Predictive Audiences to increase purchases and conversion rates.

Audiences available for use include:

  • Product affinities
  • Category affinities
  • Discount preference
  • Replenishment preference
  • Lifecycle stages
  • Non-buyers
  • Active buyers
  • At-risk buyers
  • Lost buyers
  • Customer value
  • Predicted customer lifetime value
  • Source channel

Increase eCommerce conversion rates by 4X by serving relevant product recommendations that encourage more browsers to become buyers.

Email Capture

Grow your email list by up to 40% and increase identification rates by 25%

Create personalized campaigns for anonymous and known site visitors, all from a single UI using Bluecore Audiences. Opportunities include:

Email Capture: Pop-ups to collect emails when visitors land on your site

Abandonment Prevention: Exit prevention and cart abandonment pop-ups to help retain customers as they attempt to leave your site

Broadcast Messaging: Messaging pop-ups to announce special sales and news

Product Recommendations: Customized pop-ups featuring product recommendations relevant to what returning, identified visitors shopped for previously or based on their known predicted affinity

Capabilities to power onsite campaigns include:

  • Customer-To-Product recommendations
  • Co-view
  • Co-purchase
  • Best sellers overall
  • Category best sellers
  • VTE design
  • Custom HTML
  • Pop-up modals
  • In-line widgets
  • Banners and slide-ins
  • Spin to win
  • Mobile and desktop designs
  • ESP integrations
  • A/B testing
  • Coupon integration
  • Advanced Analytics, including Bluecore-attributed revenue
  • Pre-defined templates