Audience Insights
Uncover meaningful insights about any audience or customer
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It doesn’t require crazy SQL queries and a team of analysts to get to know your customers. With Audience Insights, you can simply create a custom segment for any audience that you’d like to understand and generate insights about them in minutes. Bluecore will constantly refresh those insights to keep you up-to-date on that audience’s health and activity.

Audience Insights at-a-glance
Audience Intelligence
What is this audience’s overall value and health?
Product Preferences
What products are the most interesting for this audience?
Site & Email Engagement
How is this audience engaging with my site and emails?
How Marketers are Using
Audience Insights
Analyze Acquisition
Campaigns Quickly
Upload or create an audience (in seconds!) to analyze and track over time. Understand the impact (in minutes!) of your targeted marketing efforts.
Win Back At-Risk Customers
Identify your highest value customers that are at-risk or lost. Create a win-back campaign to save your MVPs and their potential lifetime value.
Highlight Top Hidden Gems
Know which products are the most interesting for a select group of customers. Feature them in a campaign to increase clicks and conversions.
“Being able to make quick marketing decisions and launch campaigns off of that data is really working for us. Bluecore gives us the opportunity to speak on a 1:1 basis with our customers.”
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