An audience builder designed for retail.

Supercharge your customer segmentation — and bring one-to-one communications to your campaigns.

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Highly targeted outreach for everyone on your list.

With an in-depth understanding of how, when, and where your shoppers engage and convert, you can ensure your marketing messages and product recommendations are relevant to every audience, every time.

A single view of audiences.

View your audiences in one place with an intuitive audience dashboard. After you’ve built an audience, you’re a click away from detailed insights and 360° customer profiles.

Automate any audience

A simple interface designed for marketing.

Get both deep customization and ease of use. Target audiences using straightforward form-fills and drag-and-drop audience building.

Scale one to one templates

Advanced audience segmentation.

Stand up segmentation only limited by imagination. Target customers based on highly customizable fields, and gain full access to both historical and predictive analytics.

Built-in predictive models

Campaign testing made easy.

Create test audiences in a snap. From there, it’s easy to use A/B testing or multivariate testing to predict campaign success.

Built-in testing

Intuitive data management.

Integrate customer, behavior, and product data from multiple sources in one central location. Then, effortlessly convert data into actionable insights to turn your investment into results.

Connect behaviors to shoppers

Key features of Bluecore audiences.

Granular insights

Break down your audiences by lifecycle stage, purchase activity, discount affinity, and more.

Predictive scoring

Get a glimpse into the future by predicting a customer or segment’s lifetime value, lifecycle stage, likelihood to take actions, product preferences, and more.

Product catalog integration

Break down audiences by their product interests, and use your own product data to automatically match products to consumers.

Filter by individual

Target your top spenders and most engaged customers with a detailed 360° profile of each shopper.

Easy exports

Export audience and consumer data to your other marketing technology solution, providing even more detail for your analysis.

Start reaching audiences one-to-one

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