Retail intelligence software

Staying ahead in an increasingly competitive retail marketplace requires a dynamic, 360 degree understanding of your customer. By gathering data about a customer’s identity, behavior and product preferences, retailers can gain insight into exactly what their audience needs to see and hear — no matter which digital channel they use.

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What is retail intelligence?

Retail intelligence uses data to anticipate how customers want to engage in every stage of their lifecycle. This includes recommendations to build and deliver more relevant marketing outreach and highlight opportunities to refine a larger marketing strategy. Retailers use this knowledge to intelligently make decisions that support their marketing goals.

The benefits of retail intelligence

Unify data from disparate sources

Retailers must go wherever their customers are. A retail intelligence solution will help you collect and consolidate insights from your most impactful channels, including:

  • email
  • text
  • social media
  • paid search
  • display advertisements
  • website
Email and Mobile Marketing

Analyze multiple types of data

Retail intelligence helps you deliver truly personalized experiences through the in-depth analysis of three types of data. By combining and activating shopper, behavior, and product data together, retailers will gain highly specific insights that incorporate all three

  • shopper data includes identifiers and describes who is taking an action.
  • behavior data describes when and how a shopper took a specific action.
  • product data describes which products, product attributes, and categories customers are interested in purchasing from a catalog.
Launch broad triggers

Predict customer behavior

By gaining full visibility into the cues that come from shopper, behavior, and product data, your team will be able to see into the future. With an advanced approach to marketing intelligence, retailers can predict

  • customer lifetime value — target your most valuable customers by tracking indicators like purchase frequency, browsing history, and similarity to other high-value customers.
  • intelligent lifecycle targeting — track a customer’s individual purchase cadence to reclaim at-risk customers, win back lost customers, and more.
  • likelihood to take an action — influence a customer’s next decision by determining how likely they are to convert, unsubscribe, or engage with a certain touchpoint.
  • product affinity — discover what drives a customer to purchase by evaluating factors like product category preference and discount preference.
Automate any audience

Increase in-store and online sales

Did you know that multi-channel shoppers spend 500% more than their single-channel counterparts? By connecting a customer’s behavior across channels and devices, you can create seamless cross-channel campaigns that

  • meet customers where they are and evolve from a channel-centric to a customer-centric marketing approach by unifying all customer and behavior data in individual customer profiles
  • create an integrated product catalog by automatically tracking inventory across physical and digital channels through a live feed of product data
Coordinate email mobile and site

How to drive ROI with retail intelligence software.

  • Get campaign intelligence when you need it. Take control of your data. Get clean data on demand and integrate it into campaigns at will.
  • Remove unnecessary data silos. All data should be available to any authorized party at any time. By partnering with Bluecore, your retail data will be immediately actionable.
  • Build better target audiences. Go beyond basic demographic factors. With more advanced analytical capabilities, you can segment audiences based on interests, profitability, lifecycle stage, and more.
  • Deliver 1:1 personalization. Retail intelligence is a prerequisite for true personalization. For example, personalized product recommendations require insight into a customer’s identity, previous actions, and product preferences.
  • Streamline workflows. Revolutionize your approach to campaign creation and execution with powerful predictive intelligence. By automating manual processes, you’ll have more time to invest in activities that directly drive revenue.
  • Guide the customer journey. Craft highly relevant touchpoints by combining predictive capabilities with granular customer data.
  • Identify your most profitable marketing activities. Make a compelling case for marketing investment by finding and focusing on initiatives that consistently drive revenue.
  • Create a better shopping experience. Whether a customer prefers to shop in-store or online, receiving timely and relevant outreach will help them find the products they need faster.

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 Retail intelligence FAQs


How is AI used in retail intelligence software?

  • Bluecore’s AI-driven personalization, made possible by its patented predictive shopper and product data matching, allows retailers to personalize 100% of communications. Our predictive AI gets smarter over time, continuously learning to instantly understand the best way to communicate with shoppers. 

How can businesses benefit from retail intelligence software?

  • Retail intelligence platforms allow businesses to create better shopper experiences and improve customer loyalty through personalization. Retailers can also reduce campaign production time and improve ROI within 60 days.

Are you ready for the future of retail intelligence?

Gaining best-in-class retail intelligence requires a specialized approach to data analysis. That’s why Bluecore offers a purpose-built solution for retail marketers that puts all your data at your fingertips and unifies shopper and product data in real-time.

Connect all behavior to a single shopper

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