The Cost of an Unsubscribe

Data from 400 retailers exposes the unsubscribe for the email marketer's enemy that it is. Dive into the data to understand the cost of an unsubscribe in terms of lost revenue, characteristics of the typical unsubscriber and common circumstances surrounding unsubscribes.


of unsubscribes come from non buyers


average days from email sign up to unsubscribe

Typical characteristics of unsubscribers

The break down of unsubscribes among non, one-time and multi-time buyers and how this unsubscribe distribution compares to the distribution of email recipients.

Common behaviors surrounding unsubscribes

The average time from email sign up to unsubscribe and last purchase to unsubscribe, the average number of purchases customers make before unsubscribing and the distribution of unsubscribes across different types of emails.

The cost of an unsubscribe

The loss in revenue for each unsubscribe based on a retailer’s average order value as well as the associated soft costs that come with unsubscribes.

Five tips to decrease your unsubscribe rate

How to use the data you have around who unsubscribes and common unsubscribe behavior to decrease your unsubscribe rate – and therefore the total revenue hit you experience as a result.

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