Bluecore for Email Marketers

Bluecore for Email Marketers

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If you’re like most email marketers, you do a lot of “hurry up and wait.” You know what you want to send, when you want to send it and how you want it to look, but bringing that vision to life requires you to go through various stakeholders. But what if you could view data and take action to launch new email campaigns on your own? Enter Bluecore.

Bluecore makes it easy to understand and segment your customers in order to design personalized email campaigns that drive revenue and engagement. Best of all, Bluecore provides all of the necessary tools and support so that your hands aren’t tied waiting on other departments to get you what you need to do your job.

Discover how Bluecore can help you:

Launch Personalized Campaigns

Create audience segments based on static customer attributes, dynamic customer behaviors and predictive filters.

Review Analytics Instantly

Get instant access to aggregated campaign metrics, send volumes and more and even schedule reports to be delivered to your inbox.

Crunch Data in Real Time

Query through terabytes of data in seconds to easily build audience segments and dive into audience members to understand who’s in the group and why.

Build Beautiful Emails

Use Bluecore’s powerful Visual Template Editor to create and edit static and dynamic email content through a drag-and-drop email interface—no HTML or coding knowledge required.