Bluecore Communicate™

Bluecore Communicate™

Personalize at scale, pay only for performance with the modern ESP

Seamlessly combine audiences and campaign management to easily execute personalized email campaigns, 2X your email revenue and increase customer lifetime value.

Unlimited Email Triggers

Plug and Play Triggers That Drive Revenue Fast

  • Cart abandonment
  • Search abandonment
  • Product abandonment
  • Homepage abandonment
  • Price decrease alerts
  • New arrival alerts
  • Low inventory alerts
  • Back in stock alerts
  • Birthday reminders
  • Anniversary reminders
  • Wishlist triggers
  • Gift reminders
  • Welcome journeys
  • Predictive at risk journeys
  • Predictive replenishment
  • Second time buyer triggers
  • New rating alerts
  • New reviews
bluecore smart campaign

Get the Future of Email with Smart Campaign™

Show the best products, content and offers to every customer - even the 80% you don’t have data on. All within one recurring and self-learning promotional campaign.
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Bluecore's promise of a speedy launch is real. From the implementation and beyond, Bluecore’s customer service is to die for. It's one of the reasons I've implemented them so many times. Their team is smart, easy to work with and all about customer success.
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Tommy Lamb, Director of CRM Strategy


Unified Retail Data

Unify and Process Retail Data

  • Product data, including margins and inventory
  • Transaction data
  • 360 customer identity data
  • Offer data
  • Loyalty data
  • Product and category affinity data
  • Behavioral data
Modern ESP

A Modern Email Marketing Platform That Knows Your Customer

  • One solution for all your email delivery needs
  • Modern ESP purpose-built for relevance and engagement
  • Best-in-class inbox placement rates (96% versus industry average 85%)
  • Supported by an expert email services team
At 96%, our inbox placement rate is
20% higher than the global average.


AI Based Email Marketing

Get AI That Automatically Optimizes Email Performance

  • AI-based feedback loops that continuously improve performance
  • Automatic prioritization of emails
  • Auto-frequency capping
  • Intelligent offer optimization
  • Dynamic product recommendations

Move Fast with Modern Workflows

  • Easy-to-use, self-serve tools
  • Visual Template Editor
  • Multi-touch, cross-channel Experience Designer
  • Audience Builder
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Bluecore has substantial tools that allow us to look at affinity models and do targeting that we can’t get in any other system. That means we can build really niche audiences really fast.
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Seth Patterson, Former Manager, Digital Marketing


Automatically Sync Predictive & Custom Audiences Across…

  • SMS
  • Website
  • Facebook & Instagram
  • Google Ads & Shopping
  • Display Ads
  • Direct mail
  • Offline

See the Bluecore Platform in Action

Optimize your tech stack for digital-first retail with the only personalization platform purpose-built for the world’s fastest-growing eCommerce retailers. Whether you are looking to acquire and convert new customers or retain existing ones, Bluecore has a solution for you.

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