How NOBULL Grew their Ecommerce Business and Shopper Community Through Multichannel Personalization

By Julia Michaelis

Whether they’re teeing off with a 2 iron or altitude training on new terrain, NOBULL knows there’s nothing their community can’t do. Founded in 2015, NOBULL is an ecommerce brand with products across footwear, apparel and accessories. Their brand message is powerful, but simple: we train hard and don’t believe in excuses. The strength of NOBULL’s product comes from the strength of their community to take their athleticism to the max — no gimmicks allowed.

Just the Horns 

So at NOBULL, the marketing team expects nothing less than the values of excellence, strength and agility reflected by their core group of shoppers and brand supporters for their own work and strategy. With a dynamic community of runners, trainers, lifters, cyclists and more across fields and skill levels, it wasn’t hard for the NOBULL team to be inspired by each customer that rocked their brand. The team at NOBULL decided to take their marketing and run with the piece of their brand that makes them so special — their community of athletes. 

Running with the Community

NOBULL’s community doesn’t only buy their products — they engage with the brand and live the core tenets of NOBULL’s #justthehorns brand identity. NOBULL wanted to match the runners, the trainers and the lifters with the products that will get them where they need to go further and faster. With a number of their shoppers only buying once, NOBULL decided to regear their efforts toward growing their loyal community with a vision of dual communication streams. Broader outreach would center around brand values and community and more personalized, in-the-moment product-driven outreach would be determined by each customer’s onsite engagement.

Simple, Powerful Solutions to Connect Community and Product

The same is true for footwear as it is for marketing outreach — one size does not fit all. 

Data on the NOBULL community alone wasn’t enough to personalize experiences and match their customers with the products they need. NOBULL discovered that without a platform to capture the texture and nuance of their product catalog and contextualize it with their behavioral and customer data, they couldn’t help their customers find the perfect match and customize recommendations. Nor could they monitor inventory levels to make sure they weren’t promising a product to a shopper that wasn’t available onsite. 

To go the distance, NOBULL knew they had to start with email as a critical first step to building retention, with a custom javascript integration that pulled data directly from NOBULL’s ecommerce site powered by Shopify Plus. By utilizing technology that enabled always-on personalization through deep, automated insights, NOBULL customers were only getting messages that were relevant to their individual experience — thereby, trimming the fat from their outreach to make sure every email was simple and powerful. 

A Unique Multichannel Model that Never Sacrifices Integrity 

NOBULL has a unique business model with small product releases and no discount offerings. With a model specific to DTC retailers, NOBULL needed a solution specific to retail that would connect channels to ensure that if their small product release was sold out, shoppers wouldn’t become frustrated by discovering soon after receiving an advertisement that the product was gone. Without data unified across channels, the integrity of their outreach did not match the standard of excellence under which their team operated. 

As a response, NOBULL launched a strategy to span their email, site and advertisements to scale the success they saw with email personalization. By capturing sign-ups on site, the NOBULL team created personalized campaigns for all anonymous and known site visitors easily. They then used those sign-ups to understand what styles they should be creating and restocking before setting up triggered emails for their shoppers to let them know the product is back in stock. From there, NOBULL targeted product-based audiences beyond owned channels to paid media channels like Facebook and Google — all on one platform, with one unified set of data. These multichannel strategies resulted in a 92% lift in conversion for the NOBULL program.

Discover How NOBULL Scaled Their Walls

With the agility and efficiency of technology that matched the speed of their shoppers, NOBULL achieved their goal of turning one-time buyers into loyal members of their community. With all of that time saved with a marketer-friendly UI that put the data and control in the hands of the marketing team, they were able to refocus on what mattered — building their community and strengthening their brand values — gimmick-free.

Read all the details of NOBULL’s story to discover how they accelerated product discovery through campaigns with a native understanding of product data and increased engagement and revenue by scaling personalization across digital channels.

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Julia Michaelis

Julia is Content Marketing Manager at Bluecore. Julia has been telling stories about personalization and interoperability in data and technology for three years in education, and is excited to do the same in retail. Julia lives in Brooklyn with her terrier Lee and loves shopping, paddleboarding, and reading (in that order).

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