NOBULL increases loyalty with data activation


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Founded in 2015, NOBULL, is an ecommerce brand dedicated to serving the best experience to their loyal community of athletes. To keep pace with their runners and lifters, the NOBULL team needed an agile multichannel solution that was built for their retail-specific business model with exclusive drops and the ability to nurture their shopper’s journeys in a personalized way.

See how the NOBULL team served their community the best outreach and unlocked new capabilities to:

  • Act on catalog inventory in real-time so shoppers got up-to-the-minute product offerings
  • Accelerate product discovery through automated merchandising campaigns with a native understanding of product data 
  • Increase engagement and revenue by effectively scaling personalization across digital channels
  • NOBULL saw a 46% increase in repeat buyers and a 30% increase in lifetime value

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