The Framework Behind Forever 21’s Approach to Customer-Led Growth

How Forever 21 is approaching customer-led growth

By Mike O'Brien

For decades marketing teams have focused on channel performance. But evolution is essential as channels continue to grow alongside customer expectations, and marketing teams are not growing at the same rate.

Brands like Forever 21 are challenging the status quo by evolving priorities, processes, people, and platforms through a customer-first model. Channels take a secondary role to customer performance; the profile of technology partners are reframed; and the processes needed to deliver results are rethought. The result is a foundation for growth in any macro environment. 

Customer-led growth is the future of retail growth. To get started or refine your program, contact us for a Customer Movement Assessment, a detailed analysis of your customer file paired with peer benchmarking and recommendations for your top growth opportunities. 

Mike O'Brien

Mike O'Brien

Mike is a former journalist who got his start in marketing by writing about marketing as the U.S. Editor for ClickZ. As Bluecore’s Senior Content Marketer, Mike uses his passion for storytelling to help build brand awareness and continue to establish the company as a leader in retail.