Grow Faster with Bluecore’s Customer Movement Assessment

For all the hurdles that come with the current environment, driving growth in retail comes down to one simple truth: having a more robust and active customer base. Bluecore’s assessment tells you exactly where to focus.

Bluecore’s proprietary Customer Movement Assessment helps retailers aim their investments and strategy at high-priority growth opportunities within their customer base.

Our retail strategy team conducts an in-depth assessment of your customer file – and then compares the results to our index of 200+ retailers to make surgical recommendations for capitalizing growth opportunities.

You will receive: 

  • Customer File Analysis: Your brand’s overall customer file health across new buyers, active, and inactive customer cohorts – and identify underserved, potential high-value segments
  • Peer Benchmarking: How you stack up against your peer group for purchase frequency, survivorship, new buyer penetration, and AOV growth
  • Bottom-up Trended Forecast: An understanding of the biggest incremental revenue opportunities to inform projections and predictable profit
  • Use-case Recommendations: A prescriptive campaign set and signal-based messaging to change the trend of problem areas or double down on growth opportunities within the customer file
  • Solution Proposal: How Bluecore can meet the growth priorities identified in the assessment, with a full strategy blueprint for how we’ll achieve it


Request a Customer Movement Assessment.

“Before Carhartt’s Customer Movement Assessment, we were assuming that our repeat customers were increasing at a consistent rate year-over-year. Customer movement gives us more visibility into customer value, how that has changed over the past few years, and what we can do to improve in the future.”
Jenn Slegers,
Director of CRM, Carhartt

Brands that complete the Customer Movement Assessment are experiencing growth within 30-60 days.

Working with a footwear company, the assessment found opportunities to increase purchase frequency and AOV trends with tailored campaigns and CRM strategy.

40+ campaigns identified
$628k in attributed revenue

Lenovo increased DTC retention rate, repeat purchases and channel revenue after implementing the strategy recommendations from its Customer Movement Assessment.

3.5%+ retention rate
95% revenue per email
6.5% repeat purchases from active buyers

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An electronics retailer discovered that its acquisition programs were inefficient and needed to extract more value from paid investments. Together we developed a program to address it, driving $5m in incremental revenue.

55%+ sales from new customers YoY
100% of new buyers subscribed to email