Email marketing automation software for retailers.

Base all your automated outreach to customers based on their behavior — their previous actions and predicted next actions. Be relevant, stay one step ahead, and outpace the competition.

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What is email marketing automation?

Email automation describes the process of sending emails, building audiences, and analyzing campaign data with minimal manual input. Automated campaigns activate when subscribers take actions that trigger specific workflows, allowing you to deliver relevant outreach 24/7.

How do email automation tools benefit retail marketers?


Use smart campaigns to nurture leads and customers.

Keep subscribers in your funnel with automated drip campaigns. Powerful predictive intelligence that combines shopper + behavior + product data will keep all outreach relevant — and getting more and more relevant — throughout a shopper’s entire lifecycle.

Loyal customers are 5x more likely to make repeat purchases.

Email and Mobile Marketing

Deliver one-to-one, relevant emails at scale.

As the digital shift gains momentum — and isn’t going away anytime soon — data grows and magnifies in both quantity and value. Sending relevant outreach manually is impossible. With automated intelligence, eif your audience doubles overnight, your campaigns won’t skip a beat.

Upgrade static emails to personalized sends for a 142% increase in revenue.

Email and Mobile Marketing

Expand existing audiences with predictive technology.

Make the most of your email list using predictive intelligence. Predictive audiences enable you to build new audiences based on shared characteristics and deliver outreach at the perfect moment.

Expanding audiences based on predictive affinity increases revenue per email by 700%.

Predictive models at your fingertips

Quickly test subject lines, content, and audiences.

Cut out the complexity of A/B testing. Email marketing automation helps you effortlessly select the most engaging and profitable emails, without internal dependencies on analytics.

Increase your conversion rate by 300% through regular A/B testing.

Built-in testing

Save valuable time.

Improve your marketing team’s productivity by cutting out repetitive or tedious actions. Target customers, deliver outreach, and analyze campaign results without lifting a finger.

74% of employees in highly automated companies enjoy better productivity.

Built-in predictive models

Examples of automated email campaigns.

Welcome emails

Give new subscribers a warm welcome with automated welcome emails.

Abandoned cart emails

Keep motivated customers close. Recapture their interest with abandonment emails.

Birthday and anniversary emails

Build stronger relationships by celebrating relevant special occasions and milestones.

Start getting a step ahead of shoppers’ needs.

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