Winter Lookbook


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Dynamic Lifestyle Triggers

Email is the critical digital touchpoint for establishing a strong relationship between customers and a brand. That’s where Bluecore steps in, ensuring interactions between the two parties become more personal as they get to know each other. Emails dynamically display related products to consider based off of a customer’s live browsing behavior and purchase history.

Abandonment Emails

Understanding the products your customers browse, search for and almost purchase is merely a starting point. Drive conversions using these behaviors to trigger a curated email with product recommendations just hours after a customer leaves your site. They’ll be at checkout faster than you can say “You forgot something in your cart!”

Product Notifications

New products arrive. Prices drop. Inventory runs out. These catalog changes happen daily on eCommerce websites. If marketers are waiting for in-house merchandisers to pass this information along, they’ve waited too long. Bluecore product notification emails are sent seconds after catalogs change, based on marketer preferences around timing and prioritization.