Unleashing the Power of Consumer Data in Retail

eTail and Bluecore surveyed 100 retail leaders to learn about their top challenges and priorities. Based on that data, we've identified six marketing strategies to help retailers acquire new customers and improve customer experiences.


of marketers need new tools to help them get insights from data faster


of marketers need an easier way to extend personalization across channels

As consumers’ habits and expectations change, retailers need to shift their marketing strategies in order to improve customer acquisition and retention. Key takeaways from our findings include:

The customer journey increasingly takes place online

Retailers need revolutionary strategies for digital, mobile and social engagement in order to accommodate changing customer behaviors.

Consumers expect messaging that addresses their individual needs

Retailers need better technologies to help them understand customers and put that knowledge to work to deliver more personalized, relevant messaging.

Building customer relationships requires centralized data

With customer data coming from multiple channels, both online and offline, retailers need to invest in technology that helps centralize this data in order to get a complete view of customers.

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