Spring Lookbook

Spring Lookbook

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Today’s marketers need to engage proactively

While reacting to customers’ buying and browsing behaviors with triggered emails is critical to a marketing program’s success, it is equally as important to proactively anticipate customers’ needs as well. Proactive engagement enhances your brand’s competitive edge by keeping you top of mind and creating a quick and clear path to purchase for your audience.

Personalized proactive engagement isn’t easy

This type of marketing engagement, however, isn’t easy. It requires marketers to combine and execute based on a cluster of customer analytics, on-site behavior and product catalog semantics. As a result, proactive email marketing usually takes the form of batch-and-blast sends that contain one-size-fits-all content. This leaves your customers feeling “”spammed”” and likely to unsubscribe, which eliminates them from your email marketing funnel all together.

Bluecore pairs the power of personalization with an ease of execution

At Bluecore, we don’t believe your blast sends have to be this way. We bring the power of personalization to these emails with an approach that makes data easy for marketers to manipulate and execute against on the fly. With our software, each customer receives a unique email that’s personalized to his or her buying and browsing behavior, and subsequently, your program’s revenue per email (RPE) increases with each send. Bluecore empowers you, the marketer, with the ability to segment audiences and the flexibility to either broadcast widely or specifically. Then, you can leverage customized, dynamic product recommendations to create highly relevant and personalized message to foster increased customer engagement. While performance may vary depending on campaign setup and goals, marketers using Bluecore have seen, on average, a 3x lift on RPE compared to batch-and-blast sends.