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Sephora Improves Data Activation & Accessibility with Bluecore

“Bluecore is really a marketer’s dream. It puts the keys in our hands to optimize, iterate and execute new campaigns seamlessly, and that’s a huge differentiator from anything we’ve seen in the space.”

8.4% Increase in revenue per client using Bluecore "Next Best Category" model
6.3% Increase in conversions per clients using Bluecore "Next Best Category" model

Discover how Bluecore helped Sephora:

Increase loyalty and revenue through targeted “Next Best Category” campaign

Sephora partnered with Bluecore’s Data Insights team to increase client loyalty and lifetime value by launching a highly targeted, data-based campaign designed to turn single category shoppers into multi-category shoppers.

Scale targeted campaigns by empowering the marketing team to activate data

With Bluecore, Sephora’s digital marketing team gained real-time access to data and the ability to activate that data to execute, test and optimize digital marketing campaigns on their own.