Sephora Improves Data Activation & Accessibility

“Bluecore is really a marketer’s dream. It puts the keys in our hands to optimize, iterate and execute new campaigns seamlessly, and that’s a huge differentiator from anything we’ve seen in the space.”


Increase in revenue per client using Bluecore "Next Best Category" model


Increase in conversions per clients using Bluecore "Next Best Category" model

Discover how Bluecore helped Sephora:

Increase loyalty and revenue through targeted “Next Best Category” campaign

Sephora partnered with Bluecore’s Data Insights team to increase client loyalty and lifetime value by launching a highly targeted, data-based campaign designed to turn single category shoppers into multi-category shoppers.

Scale targeted campaigns by empowering the marketing team to activate data

With Bluecore, Sephora’s digital marketing team gained real-time access to data and the ability to activate that data to execute, test and optimize digital marketing campaigns on their own.

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