The Retail Reckoning: A Look Inside Retail Disruption Trends

Retailers now have more opportunities than ever to engage and retain shoppers, but fierce competition and heightened consumer expectations leave little room for error.

As a result, taking full advantage of these opportunities and driving continued success requires a deep focus on everything that makes retail so unique.

This eBook explores several retail disruption trends, including:

  • What makes retail unique: Five factors that make retail a highly unique industry and require deep expertise to get right
  • Key inflection points in modern retail: Key points of change that have shaped modern retail, including the rise of mobile and direct-to-consumer strategies as well as the COVID-19 pandemic
  • How to approach the next wave of retail: Four steps to prepare for the future of retail, which will be significantly more digital, channel fluid and competitive than ever before

Featuring insights from:

Bluecore retail disruption trends commentary

Bluecore Retail Disruption Trends

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