The Retail Marketing Tech Stack Guide

The Retail Marketer's Tech Stack Guide

Bluecore Google True Fit Retail Marketing Tech Stack
We’ve entered a new era of retail — one that is more global, ultra-competitive and digitally fluid than ever before — and this shift has created a new sense of urgency around digital transformation.

In fact, we are now in an “innovation race” of sorts, and the retailers that invest in digitally-first, agile technology early will be best positioned to endure and even thrive in the face of whatever happens next.

This guide, co-authored by Bluecore, Google and True Fit, is designed to help retailers introduce the necessary marketing technology to compete effectively in the modern retail environment. To do so, it explores: 

  • Why having technology built for retail is so important when using AI-driven solutions to solve for specific outcomes, like turning shoppers into lifetime customers
  • How to build your retail martech stack and effectively use that technology to achieve key goals, including critical characteristics of modern retail martech, four technology must-haves and tips to measure value
  • What outcomes to expect from introducing these types of best of breed solutions, including improved data activation and scaled personalization, featuring case studies from Sephora, Hammacher Schlemmer and ASICS
  • How to get started on making this type of change in your organization sooner rather than later