The Retail Marketer’s Guide to Loyalty: Tips, Strategies and Stories to Keep Your Shoppers for Life

Every single time your shoppers buy, they become more and more likely to buy again, with 6th+ time buyers being 170% more likely to keep buying than 1st-time buyers. And it doesn’t stop there. 

The increase in predictive customer lifetime value keeps increasing from the 1st purchase to the 6th purchase. So what happens between the 1st and 6th+ purchase to keep shoppers motivated to come back again and again? And more importantly, how do you keep that momentum going? 

Download the ebook to discover the three key areas you need to work toward with your shoppers to achieve true loyalty. 

In the ebook, you’ll discover:

  • Strategies to build your foundation for loyalty
  • Stories from brands who have turned casual shoppers into lifelong customers
  • How to leverage the power of the future shopper to cultivate loyalty

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