Retail Executives Navigate A Forever-Changed Consumer And An All-DTC World

The DTC Collective is a community that brings together influential, global voices to realize the potential of digital retail. The group was founded in response to three force majeures that occurred in rapid succession: The onset of GDPR in Europe, the ongoing elimination of third-party cookies and the onset of COVID-19, which expedited what many analysts had previously predicted would be a three-year journey to a 50-50 online/offline shift in retail. 

The founding members saw a need for a community coming together to do things differently, unlike anything of the past, in order to move into an all direct-to-consumer world and help actively shape the trajectory of the retail industry. Learn more about the group and meet the members here

For our inaugural executive forum, twelve industry executives virtually connected for two hours to unpack how retailers are approaching battling COVID-19 and how they’re preparing for the future in this new normal. Download the report to learn more about:

  • Top concerns for executives
  • Fundamental changes for the consumer
  • Expectations for the transition back to the “old normal”
bluecore forever changed consumer DTC collective

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