Tech Talk Webinar: The Retail Data Dilemma—Creating CMO/CIO Synergies

Data is the currency marketers need to acquire optimal performance, efficiency and ROI—so why do so many retailers find themselves rich in data and poor in execution?

The truth is, collecting data for the sake of having data is not only counterproductive, but directly affects performance.

Watch as eMarketer moderates a Tech Talk presentation featuring Mahmoud Arram, co-founder and CTO at Bluecore and William Bonnell, Customer Engineering Manager at Google. While there are many factors that contribute, Mahmoud and William will discuss the heart of the issue: The CMO-CIO relationship and whether or not they are able to create true synergy between their respective organizations.

Watch the webinar to learn:

  • How to democratize data for marketers and reduce reliance on technical resources
  • How innovative CMOs & CIOs are rethinking their approach
  • What the current pain points are for retailers and real examples of how to fix them
  • How this relationship directly impacts performance & ROI

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