Pendleton Makes Email Marketing Relevant with Bluecore

Discover how Bluecore helps Pendleton:

Reach Niche Audiences Quickly and At Scale

With Bluecore, Pendleton can quickly and easily build dynamic triggered emails as well as targeted audience segments without any coding to power a personalized email marketing program.

Capture New Audiences and Staying Relevant

Bluecore Email Capture helps Pendleton bring new email subscribers into the fold. Bluecore’s powerful recommendation engine then helps Pendleton share relevant content with new subscribers.

Deliver Coordinated Customer-Centric Messaging Across Channels

Bluecore allows Pendleton to extend personalization across channels in a customer-centric way by syncing a variety of data into the Bluecore platform, building unique audiences and using those audiences on multiple channels.

“Bluecore does an incredible job of making us look relevant based on what people are browsing, and that’s been huge because we have dramatically different product lines and customer demographics. Thanks to Bluecore, email has been looking phenomenal in recent years, and it’s both touching and driving a lot of demand.”

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