Fundamental Changes for a Digital-First Consumer

The DTC Collective is a community that brings together influential, global voices to realize the potential of digital retail. The group was founded in response to three force majeures that occurred in rapid succession: The onset of GDPR in Europe, the ongoing elimination of third-party cookies and the onset of coronavirus, which expedited what many analysts had previously predicted would be a three-year journey to a 50-50 online/offline shift in retail. 

The founding members saw a need for a community coming together to do things differently, unlike anything of the past, in order to move into an all direct-to-consumer world and help actively shape the trajectory of the retail industry. Learn more about the group and meet the members here

For our fifth executive form, 11 industry executives connected virtually to discuss fundamental changes in consumers as a result of the acceleration to digital, from discovery, evaluation and purchase all moving online to considered purchases becoming driven entirely by digital experiences.

Download the report to learn more about:

  • How technology will change how brands service customers
  • Why the eCommerce experience is about more than just a purchase
  • Changes historically brick-and-mortar brands have made to facilitate the shift to digital