evo Makes Email Marketing Scalable with Bluecore

Bluecore helped evo move from batch and blast to 1:1 email marketing, scale its email program and results without scaling its team and add new value for shoppers and its marketing team.


Lift in open rate


Lift in click-through rate

Moving From Batch and Blast to 1:1 Email Marketing

With Bluecore, evo has replaced one-size-fits-all promotional emails with automated emails that feature targeted content and send based on customers taking certain actions or changes to products.

Scaling the Email Program and Results Without Scaling the Team

Bluecore has allowed evo to introduce 15 high performing email campaigns and expand the email program reach to support a growing business without adding new headcount.

Adding New Value for Shoppers and the Marketing Team

evo used Bluecore to launch a series of emails that proactively notify customers about changes to products with which they’ve engaged, including price and stock changes, while simultaneously adding a new opportunity to capture email addresses.

“Email is a complex animal that we use to share all types of messages, so being able to automate that with Bluecore and let the technology do the work to find the best people to share those messages with is our long term goal.”

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