The Ecommerce Retention Opportunity: Converting Retail’s One-and-Done Buyer

This is not an introduction we really want to make. The truth is, the one-and-done buyer is kind of a menace, and they plague nearly every retailer — but maybe they aren’t such a problem after all. Maybe they’re an opportunity in disguise.


of a retailer's customers are one-and-done buyers


of a typical retailer's revenue sits with already active customers

In the Ecommerce Retention Opportunity eBook:

Meet the one-and-done buyer  

Tackling your one-and-done buyer problem starts with understanding the revenue opportunity waiting with your one-and-done buyers. See just how valuable these buyers are for your company.

Explore the 3 keys to the second purchase gateway

Think of the second purchase as your door to lifetime value — it only starts there. Explore the keys that enable repeat purchases and features of technology that you need to drive that value to keep building on that second-purchase success.

Discover 4 pathways to building lifetime value

Building your retention strategy should start with understanding that you’re orchestrating a journey for customers, so it never really ends. With touchpoints to each next purchase, learn more about retention strategies that keep relevant shopper experiences at the center.

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ecommerce retention opportunity

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