Discount School Supply Rethinks Email Marketing with Bluecore

Discover how Bluecore helps Discount School Supply easily match customers with products they need, introduce more efficient workflows, unearth actionable insights and consolidate its marketing stack.
“We set out to make the shopping experience better and more helpful for our customers, and we’re doing that with Bluecore. Bluecore makes it easy for us to get targeted information to the right audience so that they don’t feel like we’re spamming them or just sending an email to get in front of them each week."

Match Customers With Products They Need

With Bluecore, Discount School Supply can quickly and easily segment a diverse customer base of early childhood professionals to generate any audience in seconds and overlay product data for effective recommendations that aid in customers’ discovery process.

Introduce More Efficient Workflows

Bluecore removes steps from the data collection process to introduce more efficient and reliable processes for launching and maintaining marketing campaigns.

Unearth Actionable Insights

Bluecore provides access to complex data in a format that’s easy for marketers to understand and drill down into, eliminating the need to wait days for analysts to pull data — all without a spreadsheet in sight.

Consolidate the Marketing Stack

Discount School Supply uses Bluecore for all of its email marketing efforts, including creating unique customer profiles and segments, to deliver a more seamless experience for both the marketing team and customers.

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