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Bluecore for VPs of eCommerce

For VPs of eCommerce, the name of the game is customer-centric marketing. But realizing this goal is easier said than done, what with a lack of unified data and limited visibility into cross-channel performance. It's time to change that though, and Bluecore is here to help.

Bluecore makes developing customer-centric marketing strategies simple by allowing you to launch personalized campaigns that target individuals with relevant messages on the channels they frequent most.

Discover how Bluecore can help you:

Increase Engagement Throughout the Customer Journey

Help your entire marketing team gain a better understanding of customers, including their lifecycle stage and product preferences, and capitalize on various opportunities to communicate with them in a personalized way.

Launch Customer-Centric Campaigns

Ingest data from multiple channels to enable your team to work across channel silos and make decisions about how to target customers based on their individual preferences. Then build and launch campaigns accordingly.

Easily Capture Data on Marketing Performance

Gain instant access to analytics around send volumes, active campaigns and aggregated metrics across all marketing campaigns.

Better Understand Your Target Audience

View information like purchase data, past site activity, predicted customer lifetime value and more in order to better understand your customers.