2019 Retail Email Benchmark Report

To get to the bottom of how retailers are using email, including the extent to which they have embraced personalized messaging and the effectiveness of those messages, Bluecore turned to the data. We analyzed benchmarks based on email type, season, retail vertical, average order value, customer spend level, purchase history and lifecycle stage. Here's what we found.


Increase in click rate for personalized vs. static one-time sends


Click rate for price decrease triggered emails

Segmentation is Not a Proxy for Personalization

Retailers that focus on relevance by going beyond simple segmentation see the biggest returns. Achieving this level of personalization requires insight into interactions between individuals and the products with which they engage.

Seasonality Counts for Far More Than a One-Time Spike

Seasonal events like Prime Day and Black Friday provide a unique opportunity to acquire new customers. But retailers should use these events for more than a one-time spike, focusing long term on retaining those new shoppers.

Not All Customers Are Equal

Each customer’s individual profile, including typical spend, purchase history and lifecycle stage, impacts email engagement. Marketers must differentiate among individuals based on these characteristics to increase relevance.

Long Term Views Deliver Long Term Results

The most successful email marketing programs take a long term view. Retailers should be wary of short term efforts and focus instead on the aggregate view of customer engagement and email’s ability to drive revenue.

Bluecore 2019 Retail Email Benchmarks

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