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2018 Retail Email Benchmark Report

To better understand how retailers are using email, including the extent to which they have embraced individualized messaging opportunities and the effectiveness of those messages, Bluecore turned to the data. Here's what we learned.

21% Click-to-Conversion Rate for Cart Abandonment Emails
90% Number of Retailers Running Product Abandonment Emails

If Shoppers Put Something in Their Carts and Then Leave, Contact Them

No matter the metric — open rate, click rate, conversion rate, revenue per email, etc. — sending relevant follow up emails to shoppers who abandon their carts proves one of the most lucrative efforts for eCommerce marketers.

Instead of Obsessing Over Email Frequency, Obsess Over Relevance

Most marketers obsess over email frequency for fear of a spike in unsubscribes. That’s fair, but the key to getting email frequency right is relevance, because shoppers are happy to receive emails so long as the messages they contain are relevant and useful.

Shoppers Who Are Further Down the Purchase Funnel Engage More

Triggered emails experience more engagement than one-time sends. The reason? Shoppers who trip triggers are usually further along the engagement cycle — even when they abandon their carts — and the contents of those emails are usually highly relevant to shoppers.

Post Purchase Emails Offer Great Promise… If They’re Well Executed

Post purchase emails generate some of the highest open rates. They also generate some of the highest unsubscribe rates and relatively low click and conversion rates. This disparity is likely due to a lack of relevant content, signaling room for improvement.