The Bluecore Data Platform

Our platform makes marketing data accessible, actionable, and automated

Make no mistake – personalization is no walk in the park. Bluecore has a native understanding of the catalog, its products, and those product attributes. Our system is structured in a way that inherently connects this data with customer behaviors and engagement analytics, powering dynamically personalized audiences and experiences. Without first addressing data integrity and acquisition, solving personalization (and don’t even get us started on predictive…) is an insurmountable problem.

Better + Faster = Stronger

Integration and Data Acceleration

One truth about marketing automation technology is it’s only as good and as fast as the data you feed it. Bluecore creates behavioral and predictive audiences by ingesting terabytes of site, purchase, catalog, CRM, email, and really any data that your brand has about its customers.


development work needed to get website event data into the platform


product feeds necessary to pick up catalog data


simple and scalable API to incorporate any custom data

And You Thought Integration Was Hard…

Hardcore Data Science

Bluecore not only ingests datasets of all shapes and sizes, but uses a massively parallel custom query engine to associate all of this disparate data to one unique customer identifier, giving us more immediately actionable data than anybody else. Once this data is cleansed, classified, and conflated, Bluecore runs advanced machine learning algorithms to make powerful predictions.

100+ Million

customer-product interactions used to train affinities and recommendations


proprietary collaborative filtering and predictive models

60 Seconds

to make user-level predictions and suggestions

Query big data in seconds

Robust Infrastructure

Bluecore’s platform was built to handle big, complex datasets – terabytes of behavioral, transactional, and analytical data. While impressive, this doesn’t mean much if it takes hours (or days!) to query the data for meaningful insights. Traverse and analyze massive datasets in a matter of seconds, reacting to and anticipating customer actions like never before.

400 TB

of behavioral data stored

3 Billion

events processed per month

30 Seconds

to query 300M+ customer events

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