Be blue to the core. Join the team.

The Bluecore way is more than a product, a technology, a brand, a culture, or even a set of values. It’s a professional identity that will make you stand out, grow, and take pride in your career.

Our people are our competitive advantage.

Working at Bluecore 2022

We’re more than a numbers game, but a few key ones won’t hurt.


The Bluecore team around the world.

Join a hybrid workforce with teams and available positions in the US, India, and Canada.

Our benefits support professional growth and personal wellness.

the fundamentals

The fundamentals

  • Competitive pay: We value our talent, and we know how to show it.
  • Hybrid work environment: With remote and in-person options, get the best of both worlds.
  • Flexible PTO (US): A healthy work-life balance is key to success.
  • Medical, dental, vision: We offer highly competitive benefits.
  • Stock options: We all work together, we all win together.
  • Parental leave: Multiple flexible options for new parents.
the extras

The extras

  • Annual learning and development stipend: A budget for your professional growth.
  • Monthly cash allowance: Funds for health, wellness, and more.
  • Summer wellness days off: Another way to enjoy summer.
  • Weekly “get stuff done” day: A meeting-free day to focus on your most important projects.
  • Peer-to-peer Bonusly points: Recognize your coworkers, get recognized, and turn your points into cash or charitable donations.

The Culture: Together, we are better.

From DEI to ERGs, here are a few ways Bluecore focuses on the intersection of personal growth and company culture — straight from our people team.

Bluecore Hackathon

We take our hackathons rather seriously around here, and we invite everyone — not just engineers — to participate. Tap into your creative and strategic insight, apply your expertise, and learn from folks you might not normally work with.

Culture Council

The Bluecore Culture Council is an employee-led group that hosts a series of interactive workshops where Bluecorians can learn about themselves and their team members — and engage with each other in new ways that keep our values alive and well. For example, in our Radical Collaboration Series, explore your own motivations and values to arrive at your personal “why,” learn about the Bluecore “why,” and use both to improve authentic, direct, and productive communication in all you do.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) group

At Bluecore, we believe in developing teams that are as diverse as the communities we serve. We hold ourselves accountable and build an inclusive culture that values differences, acknowledges inequity and our own inherent biases, and focuses on empowering those that are underrepresented in our organization.

Employee resource groups (ERGs)

Supported by our executive team, people team, and DEI committee, Bluecore’s ERGs are home to a host of employee-founded-and-led groups where people can meet, increase their education and awareness, and act as a resource for the company — all with Bluecore’s financial backing.

A group dedicated to supporting mental health and neurodiversity in the workplace. We look beyond stigmas, promote understanding, and empower our peers at Bluecore.
A safe space for LGBTQIA+ Bluecorians. We welcome allies and provide resources and awareness around the struggles of LGBTQIA+ people — locally and globally.
An inclusive environment that empowers Bluecore’s Black employees by promoting career growth and development and offering perspectives on issues that impact our community.
A space for those who are part of or want to learn more about Jewish culture. We foster community, promote different cultures in the practice of Judaism, and create awareness around antisemitism.
An environment where the women of Bluecore and allies can be authentic, support each other in career growth, and combat the biases that women in tech, sales, finance, and other industries face.

The Bluecore Way: How we express our values.

Our values are designed to support the entire company — one Bluecorian at a time.

Simple solutions that don’t sacrifice performance or scale.

“It means building robust, easily executable solutions for retailers to deepen meaningful relationships and keep their customers for life. It’s not complexity for complexity’s sake, but creating powerful, simple solutions that personalize and exceed the customer experience at every point in the shopper journey.”

The Bluecore Hackathon ‘22 Winning Team

Deliver value to the customer, because their success is our success.

“Truly embodying what being an extension to their team really means — tying together our desired outcomes to achieve fundamental success. That means challenging each other to think bigger and ultimately proving that our customers’ success is our success — and our success as their trusted partner is theirs as well.”

Sara Garrido
Manager, Customer Success

Learn from the good and the could-be-better.

“Seek out the lessons in any situation, whether good or bad. Don’t fear failure. If you don’t succeed, know that even in failure there is opportunity — the opportunity to reflect, grow, and embrace the new lessons learned.”

Veinia Hicks
Senior HR Business Partner

We’re united by our shared mission.

“To me, #OneBluecore means to push each other toward success every day with respect and compassion, being open and inclusive to each person’s uniqueness, and aligning under the sole purpose of achieving great things for ourselves, each other, and the company.”

Jesse Boone
Senior Product Support Engineer | Winner of the Values Impact and Culture Award

Think in solutions, be open minded, and share your voice.

“At Bluecore, we think in terms of solutions — how can we add value that results in success for our customers? By asking big questions, we invite all Bluecorians to participate in the answers. Diversity in problem-solving powers transformational ideas.”

Arvind Krishnan
Senior Vice President, Engineering

Make purposeful decisions and remain accountable.

“This value is so grounding in a dynamic industry where we’re moving at hyper-speed. It’s easy to chase a shiny object and become distracted, but it’s important to trust what we are focused on and hold ourselves accountable for the goals and actions we’ve committed to so we can understand if our bets are working and decide if and when we need to pivot.”

Sarah Cascone
Vice President, Marketing

Think BIG and with optimism.

“It means marrying a limitless vision with pragmatism. It’s not about building a channel… imagine how you can transform communications. It’s not about just making recommendations… imagine democratizing intelligence. It’s not about collecting data… imagine what it means to be a platform that becomes a single source of truth for designing strategies.”

Prashant Kumar
Vice President, Product

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