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Grow Your Business & Career with a Challenger Mindset featuring Karilyn Anderson of SPARC Group

By Mike O'Brien

When it comes to meeting the needs of both your customers and company, bridging the gaps for two functions that are often at odds. Navigating the priorities may create friction – whether it requires a total tech transformation or a change in program strategy. 

But with a clear business case, metrics, and most importantly a confident challenger mindset, it’s also a conduit for building trust with your peers and leaders that will help you grow in your career.

In this discussion at 2024’s Women in Retail Summit, Sherene Hilal (CPO at Bluecore) interviews Karilyn Anderson (Group VP of Digital Marketing and CRM at SPARC) about how Karilyn has charted her own career growth through driving tech transformation projects, being a passionate advocate for her customers, and not being afraid to lead with ideas that challenge the natural ebb and flow. 

Mike O'Brien

Mike O'Brien

Mike is a former journalist who got his start in marketing by writing about marketing as the U.S. Editor for ClickZ. As Bluecore’s Senior Content Marketer, Mike uses his passion for storytelling to help build brand awareness and continue to establish the company as a leader in retail.