Bluecore Advertise™

Bluecore Advertise™

Create meaningful 1:1 connections across paid media channels using predictive models

Target shoppers with retail-specific AI and first-party data in paid media, including Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads and Display, to boost Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) up to 130%.

Bluecore Advertise Predictive Models

Target shoppers on their preferred channels when they are most likely to purchase

Use pre-built predictive modeling tools based on first party customer identity, behavior and product data to target new and existing audience segments across the full shopping journey.

Boost new customer acquisition strategies by providing the best seed lists to find new customers, like:

  • Future top spenders
  • Potential product or category buyers
  • Shoppers ready to make a purchase

Amplify retention and retargeting strategies with predictive analytics by creating high value customer segments, including:

  • Discount shoppers
  • Category customers
  • Loyalty members
  • Seasonal customers

Marketers have seen up to:

+48% ROAS for acquisition campaigns
+130% ROAS for retention campaigns
Bluecore Advertise Predictive Audience Creation

Save time through always-on audiences to easily activate the full potential of your customer data in any channel

Generate any behavioral or predictive audience in seconds -- without any requests for your IT or analytics teams to cut lists.

Moving forward, set automated daily syncs to your paid search, social or display platforms using Bluecore’s pre-built integrations that bypass manual list uploads to keep your audiences fresh, and give time back to your team to focus on the campaign strategy and execution.

Top use cases include:

  • Targeting past category or seasonal purchasers for new products or seasonal launches
  • Targeting loyalty members for special promotions
  • Excluding repeat purchasers from ad spend to nurture them via owned channels
  • Excluding recent purchasers from retargeting campaigns to improve spending
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Traditionally Facebook has been expensive because we have older audiences and premium products, so we knew we had to be smarter in our approach. Bringing the intelligence from Bluecore to Facebook has allowed us to be super efficient with our social spend and acquire new names that are outside of our typical customer base.
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Bluecore Hammacher Schlemmer Ann Marie Resnick

Ann Marie Resnick, Vice President of Marketing

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Customer Targeting Solution

Reach shoppers on their favorite channels at relevant times, all through one platform

Use a single solution for predictive audience modeling across both owned and paid channels and orchestrate touches based on the best channel for each consumer.

Import offline purchase, CRM and product data for richer customer and product profiles to support better audience segmentation capabilities. From there, create a coordinated experience for customers across multiple channels by building cross-channel, multi-touch journeys in Bluecore Experience Designer.

See the Bluecore Platform in Action

Optimize your tech stack for digital-first retail with the only personalization platform purpose-built for the world’s fastest-growing ecommerce retailers. Whether you are looking to acquire and convert new customers or retain existing ones, Bluecore has a solution for you.