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Connect casual shoppers across channels to the products and experiences that transform them into lifetime customers with the only AI-driven retail marketing platform.

How It Works

Trusted by Fortune 500 Retailers to transform shoppers into lifetime customers


As retailers transform to move at the speed of shopper signal online, they are optimizing their martech stacks for total business impact -- that means revenue growth in addition to increased speed and agility, improved efficiency and an improved shopper experience. Bluecore commissioned Forrester to determine our solution's impact on a retailer’s business. This study quantifies Bluecore’s multichannel solution is yielding 3X lift in ecommerce revenue and a 23% increase in repeat buyer rate.

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How It Works

Bluecore effectively delivers campaigns through predictive data models that transform signals into automated actions to connect your customers to unique offers, content and products. This enables you to deliver 2x the revenue in 1/4 of the time as other retail marketing platforms.

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How Bluecore Works

Bluecore’s Product Suite

A unified system that lets you identify customer and product data and automatically makes smart decisions around which recommendations will convert for your shoppers.

Built for Retail

Bluecore is a marketing technology company that works with the fastest-growing retail brands to intelligently connect casual shoppers to the product and offers that transform them into lifetime customers.

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Bluecore Built for Retail

Our Key Differentiators

Bluecore unified retail data model

Unified Retail Data Model

Unification of real-time customer behavior and product data to provide insights affinities, trends and engagement

blue ai driven recommendations

A.I. Driven Recommendations

Reinforcement-learning based AI to generate 1:1 recommendations that optimize for real-world performance

bluecore ai automated driven workflows

Automated AI Driven Workflows

Retail specific workflows automate manual steps and automatically optimize send-time, priority and frequency of campaigns

bluecore real-time data capture

Real-time Data Capture

Capture and score changes in product, customer, store, behavior and channel engagement data for continuous improvement

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The industry’s first success-driven pricing model

Bluecore MediaPost Pricing Model

“Pricing is based on retailers’ focus on performance and driving consumer engagement, rather than incentivizing higher send volumes. The revenue model is unique.”