Who We Are


We empower retailers to discover their best customers and keep them for life.


Who We Are

Bluecore is a team of dynamic, smart and creative people. We believe in the power of unique ideas and personalities It shines through in everything we do from our innovative product to our fast-paced, dedicated culture. Through it all, we know how to work with passion, be agile through growth and have fun while doing it.

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What's Important to Us


As simple as possible, as powerful as necessary.

“Everything we do is optimized for the end user. I love when a customer tells me how easy our Visual Template Editor and Audience Builder are to use. The solutions we offer are always simple yet powerful for our customers.”- Joseph Ford, Customer Success Manager


We optimize for impact.

“I create technical solutions for client requests and always focus on the solution that will deliver the greatest value. Recognizing what will have the most impact for our clients sometimes means creating a bigger solution than what they had in mind.”- Francis Rocco, Senior Forward Deployed Engineer


We obsess over customer performance.

“Everything we do is geared toward making our customers’ lives easier with efficient workflows and more personalized emails relevant to the end consumers. Even our pricing model is based on customer performance, so we only make money when our clients make money.”- Paul Vithayathil, Data Insights


We learn from the past to build the future.

“Examining what was done in the past and iterating is so critical for our growth! I keep that in mind as we work to properly position Bluecore in the market and improve our offering with each product release.”- Kellye Snodgrass, Product Marketing Manager

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