Steve Madden Fashions Digital Marketing Success with Bluecore

How Bluecore helps Steve Madden engage with customers in a more relevant and timely way, proactively meet customer needs and make data actionable.


Increase in audience size with predictive models


Days required to build campaigns with Bluecore's easy to use UI

"Bluecore has allowed us to do things like be more relevant with our email marketing and target our best customers. I'm used to doing database marketing and understanding lifetime value, but I've never had data formatted in a way to make it actionable. Bluecore makes it actionable. "

Engaging with customers in a more relevant and timely way

Bluecore allows Steve Madden to track eCommerce site activity to identify customer behavior and product catalog changes on the fly and deliver a variety of triggered email campaigns in response.

Proactively meeting customer needs

Steve Madden uses Bluecore's predictive models to build audiences based on factors like category affinity and likelihood to take actions in order to drive customers to desired outcomes.

Making data actionable

With Bluecore, Steve Madden can analyze data from multiple channels quickly and turn those insights into action with an easy to use UI that allows the team to build audiences, create emails and launch campaigns without IT or data analyst support.

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