Showcase Dynamic Content Across Channels

Use behavioral and product data to customize a user’s experience in any channel. Render an email based on the search terms a customer used. Serve an ad using the products that they viewed or added to cart. Dynamic content makes your messages exponentially more relevant, surfacing banners, hero images, promotions, codes, and other content directly from your website, making each email and ad truly unique. This keeps your communications with customers consistent and fresh while automating this process for you, the marketer. Sounds like a win-win.


Personalize the Customer Experience with Unique Recommendations

One of the most effective ways to personalize an email or an ad is with relevant product recommendations. Bluecore’s machine learning algorithms create recommendations using collaborative filtering and matrix factorization. Vector representations capture the essence of a product, allowing us to find similar products through their proximity in that vector space. Oh, and we also do trending products, best sellers by category, and all the rest.

Visualization Engine

Classify Image Likenesses

Research shows that people tend to gravitate toward the familiar. Use Bluecore’s vision algorithm to surface those products.


Collaborative Filtering

Utilize Observed Behaviors

Let your customers be your guide. Make suggestions based on the products that similar users view, add to cart, and purchase.


Weight Product Attributes

Understand your products on an uber-granular level, and use that information to make informed product recommendations.

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