How well do you know your customers?
Who is your most valuable customer?
Give Loyal Customers the Star Treatment

Find your most valuable customers and treat them that way, increasing Customer Lifetime Value and their overall shopping experience. Longterm relationships only work when you give as much as you get.

Who is ready to stop buying from your brand?
Turn At-Risk Customers into Happy Campers

Turn one-time buyers into loyal, repeat buyers and bring at-risk customers back from the edge. Once you know where in the lifecycle your customers fall, you can communicate with them more effectively.

new buyer
Who is ready to make their first purchase?
Identify your brand’s best non-buyers

Some users are great site browsers, but horrible site buyers. Use the power of predictive to understand potential CLV and personalize your communications and offers.

Who is going to buy without a discount?
Don’t show discounts to your full-price buyers

Maximize margins by understanding the price sensitivity and product preferences of your customers. No need to send your full-price buyers a discount and give away your margin.

Who doesn’t like getting emails?
Engage email unsubscribers on new channels

Increase engagement by honing in on your customers that are most likely to open, click, and convert. Target audiences based on the channel they have the highest propensity to interact with.

Predictive Audiences

Turn your customer data into actionable predictions

Know your customers (better than they know themselves). Bluecore provides marketers with highly valuable audiences based on consumers’ predicted actions, preferences, and lifetime value. Find next-best customers to grow value, retain and win back at-risk customers, and optimize revenue based on discount analysis. With data integrity and acquisition at our core, Bluecore predictions use terabytes of unique data, making them better, faster, and more accurate.

Behavioral Audiences

All of the audiences you always wished you had

What path did a customer take to arrive at a specific product page? Context is paramount to understanding your customers, and without Analytics, Behavioral, and Catalog data all in the same place (or as we call them, the ABCs), this level of knowledge is lost on retailers. First, know your customers, then, know how, when, and where to reach them – through email, display, social, or whatever channel you choose. Bluecore audiences are clean, complete, and cross-channel.

Automated Syncing

Message your key audiences across channels

Bluecore incorporates all of your data to create, maintain and update audiences, syncing them to your marketing channels of choice in real-time. This keeps audiences up-to-date with the latest information and automates the marketing process, improving the relevance of messaging for your customers and your bottom line.

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