Dynamic Lifecycle Emails

Nurture and grow relationships

Email is the critical digital touchpoint for establishing a strong relationship between customers and a brand. That’s where Bluecore steps in, ensuring interactions between the two parties become more personal as they get to know each other. Emails dynamically display related products to consider based off of a customer’s live browsing behavior and purchase history.


Visual showcase of previously purchased products

Call-to-action encourages shoppers to share photos of recently purchased items

Social integration pulls in user generated content


Product added to wishlist by customer

Inherent knowledge of stock availability

Related items in the category of product added to wishlist

Abandonment Emails

Extend the shopping experience

Understanding the products your customers browse, search for and almost purchase is merely a starting point. Drive conversions using these behaviors to trigger a curated email with product recommendations just hours after a customer leaves your site. They’ll be at checkout faster than you can say “You forgot something in your cart!”


Automatic inclusion of exact contents of abandoned cart

Most recent pricing information automatically populated

Dynamic offer based on value of cart contents


Dynamic copy based on vehicle category browsed

Product recommendations based on vehicle make and model


Email template designed to match website look and feel

Real-time product recommendations based on browse behavior

Best sellers in category of product browsed


Dynamic copy based on products searched for

Pulls in recommendations based on search phrase

Product catalog emails

Promote meaningful catalog changes

New products arrive. Prices drop. Inventory runs out. These catalog changes happen daily on eCommerce websites. If marketers are waiting for in-house merchandisers to pass this information along, they’ve waited too long. Bluecore product notification emails are sent seconds after catalogs change, based on marketer preferences around timing and prioritization.


Dynamic headers change based on brand browsed

New arrivals based on brand browsed


Automatic alerts for price decrease based on product previously browsed

Visual showcase of product previously browsed

Dynamically display original price

discounted price and savings


Actual product browsed by customer that is back-in-stock

Best-sellers in the category of browsed product

Launch at Scale

All the triggers, powered by one simple integration

It’s not hard to understand why triggered emails are so effective. They’re relevant, they’re timely, and TBH, they’re on point. So why do so many marketers stop at cart abandonment? Bluecore enables marketers to launch multiple triggers, sans frustration, by delivering a single, comprehensive integration engineered specifically to capture both customer behaviors and product catalog data.

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Segment and personalize
high-volume email sends

Whether you send one thousand or one million in a day, every email should be as unique as the customer that opens it. Bluecore’s platform makes creating personalized email campaigns easy, slashing the number of touchpoints in a marketer’s traditional workflow down to one. Audience segmentation, template creation, and campaign deployment is reduced down to a handful of clicks within a single, easy-to-use interface. Live analysis on terabytes of behavioral and product data make emails dynamically unique to each and every customer – no tech support required.

audience segmentation

Audience Builder

Build and compare complex audiences in a matter of seconds – no complex SQL queries or analysts required.

dynamic email creation

Visual Template Editor

Simply drag and drop to create beautifully responsive email templates with personalized, dynamic content.

campaign management2

Campaign Manager

Schedule campaigns, run A/B tests, preview creative across devices, and view analytics in a single tool.

Personalized Email, Delivered

Data marketers can use, no tech support required

Traditionally, batch-and-blast emails from retailers have lacked the segmentation and unique personalization to make them potent. Bluecore email campaigns use real-time behavioral and product catalog data, surfacing relevant product recommendations and dynamic content to make high-volume email sends uniquely personalized to each individual. Send emails through Bluecore or your ESP – we partner with the best in the industry.

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