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Bluecore to Debut All-New Decisioning Platform for Commerce at eTail

By Sarah Cascone


This is a question marketers ask themselves constantly. Data is now flowing into organizations at record speed and volume, but the process of organizing and taking action on this data lags far behind. Ultimately, figuring out ‘what to do next’ remains a complex, paralyzing decision.

You’re tasked with knowing a variety of things about your customers:

  • Who are my most valuable customers?
  • Who are my customers who only buy discounted items?
  • Which customers am I about to lose?

…and the list goes on.

Pulling comprehensive audiences from your vast amounts of data is the first problem. The second problem is figuring out how and where you should engage these folks.

Bluecore’s All-New Decisioning Platform for Commerce

At Bluecore, we power individualized interactions by unifying customer and catalog data. This falls in line with our legacy of automating unique triggered emails for retailers like Reebok, Gap, and Cabela’s – but now we’re going deeper.

eTail West 2017 will be the debut event for Bluecore’s decisioning platform, the connective tissue in your marketing stack – effortlessly integrating to connect sources of data, like the CRM and eCommerce platform, with channel technologies that communicate directly with your customers. In doing so, the decisioning platform processes massive data sets in seconds, making it immediately actionable for marketers to build audiences (which could include your most valuable customers, discount-buyers, customers who are about to churn, etc.), and create campaigns for email, social, search, onsite and more.

At eTail, we’re excited to have Reebok joining Bluecore for a keynote presentation demonstrating how the decisioning platform integrates seamlessly into existing technical and organizational workflow to drive massive ROI.

How Reebok Decided “What to Do Next”

Let’s take a specific example from Reebok:

  • Challenge: While Reebok had a vast array of email triggers optimized to drive conversions at the top, middle, and bottom of the funnel, they wanted the opportunity to extend those personalized experiences across channels. The roadblock here was that Reebok had a hard time identifying and segmenting audiences to target customers with affinities to their most valuable product categories (i.e. CrossFit).
  • Strategy: To figure out ‘What To Do Next,’ Reebok set out to instantly surface their most valuable and engaged customers across a number of campaigns and channels. For example, for the launch of the new CrossFit Nano 6 sneaker, Reebok put an ad (similar to the one below) in front of customers who either bought last year’s model, had a CrossFit affinity, or viewed similar products.In addition, they personalized the onsite experience with a hero banner promoting the shoe to specific customers with similar criteria.
  • Results: Reebok saw a 400% ROI improvement over native Facebook targeting and a 76% lift on clicks to the personalized content.

Reebok will be taking the stage alongside Bluecore at eTail West on Tuesday, February 28 (Track D, 2:05pm), to describe exactly how they put Bluecore’s decisioning platform to use in the recent months – a talk and new product demo you won’t want to miss!

“What to Do Next” at eTail West

If you’re going to the show, we’d like to help you decide ‘What To Do Next’ while you’re out in Palm Springs as well. Our mission is to ensure you sit back, relax and feel empowered for the entire conference:

  • Need a Ride?: Avoid the taxi lines and let Bluecore get you poolside at your hotel in one of our stylin’ Escalades so you can clear your mind and prepare for the eTail learnings. No obligation. No pitch.
  • Vineyard Vines Roundtable: If you’re registered for the Email & CRM Summit on Monday, February 27, Beau Kemeys, Senior Manager of Web Analytics at Vineyard Vines, will be hosting a discussion: Merging Traditional Email Strategies with Creative (& Quick) Segmentation For Higher ROI.
  • Reebok Presentation: As previously mentioned, we’ll be taking the stage with Reebok on Tuesday, February 28, Track D, 2:05pm. Nick Lamothe, Senior Manager of CRM at Reebok will take us through his presentation, Implementing Sophisticated Cross-Channel Retention Strategies Without Burning IT Resources.
  • Take a Meeting: Maybe you’d just like to cut to the chase and get the live experience of Bluecore’s decisioning platform. We won’t argue with that.

We’re looking forward to this is official unveiling of the all-new Bluecore Decisioning Platform for Commerce and we hope you’ll be a part of it.

sarah cascone headshot

Sarah Cascone

With 10+ years of marketing experience, Sarah has a passion for connecting the human aspect of marketing to business growth. As the Director of Marketing at Bluecore, Sarah’s mission lies in the strategic development of brand awareness to influence company revenue goals and support go-to-market initiatives, with a specific focus on Events, PR, Advocacy, and Analyst Relations.

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