Inside the Strategies of Leading Brands: Your Guide to the Bluecore Summit 2019


Inside the Strategies of Leading Brands: Your Guide to the Bluecore Summit 2019

By Sarah Cascone

For the past four years the Bluecore Summit has given retail marketers the opportunity to share their challenges and ideas with peers and learn cutting-edge strategies from industry experts. The Bluecore Summit 2019 promises all of that and then some.

When the fifth annual Bluecore Summit hits NYC September 17-18, it will bring together marketers from leading brands. And one of the most valuable parts of the day is always the ability to talk directly to your peers to understand how they’re approaching innovation in marketing and working to create stronger relationships with customers.

To help facilitate these discussions, the Bluecore Summit will include intimate roundtable discussions led by retail marketers like you. Here’s a look at the topics for this year’s roundtables and the retailers guiding the conversations.

Is Your Tech Stack Holding You Back? Insights from Jockey and Volcom

Most retailers have spent a lot of time using one ESP without question. But we’re entering a new era of commerce that’s shaking up the status quo, including how we manage email.

As a result of these changes, marketing teams must evaluate their tech stack regularly. And when they do, many marketers find that the systems they’ve used for the last decade or more no longer meet their needs. That was the case for Jockey and Volcom, both of which found gaps in their tech stacks. Sami Lockerby, Director of Online Customer Experience at Jockey, and Courtney Meehan, CRM Manager at Volcom, will share their experiences, including:

  • Gaps in their email marketing programs left by legacy ESPs
  • The process for finding a more modern solution to fill those gaps
  • Benefits of running a proof of concept 
  • Results around ROI, personalization and email revenue that come from using a modern ESP

Leveraging Your Email Program to Achieve Business Goals and Boost Performance: Insights from FSA Store and Sephora

To grow your business, you need to be able to meet and often exceed certain business goals. But we all know increasing revenue and meeting lofty goals on a recurring basis isn’t always easy. Fortunately, there are several levers within your reach to make it happen.

Larry Gray, Digital CRM Director at FSA Store, and Tommy Lamb, Director of CRM Strategy at Sephora, will share case studies about how they launched new email-focused strategies to achieve their goals. These stories will center around:

  • Increasing margins
  • Growing repeat purchasers
  • Increasing conversions on long-running email campaigns
  • Relieving excess inventory
  • Boosting email revenue during key seasonal events
  • Growing customer lifetime value

Maintaining Consumer-Focused Communication in Email and Satisfying Marketing and Merchandising Goals: Insights from BCBG

A unified retail data model that brings together customer, behavior and product data and makes those insights actionable unlocks enormous opportunities. For example, it allows you to more strategically plan campaigns to exceed revenue goals and balance the needs of your marketing and your merchandising teams.

This ability was particularly important to boost eCommerce performance for BCBG. Jennifer Chiang, Manager, Marketing at BCBG, will share three success stories about how embracing agile technology and processes gave her team what they needed to thrive. Specifically, she’ll focus on how the BCBG marketing team now approaches:

  • Sophisticated segmentation 
  • Cross-channel journey building
  • Enhanced cart abandonment campaigns

Join the Conversations at the Bluecore Summit 2019

Now is your chance to join these conversations and learn firsthand from leading brands like Jockey, Volcom, FSA Store, Sephora and BCBG. RSVP now to attend the Bluecore Summit, September 17-18 in NYC.

sarah cascone headshot

Sarah Cascone

With 10+ years of marketing experience, Sarah has a passion for connecting the human aspect of marketing to business growth. As the Director of Marketing at Bluecore, Sarah’s mission lies in the strategic development of brand awareness to influence company revenue goals and support go-to-market initiatives, with a specific focus on Events, PR, Advocacy, and Analyst Relations.

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